Why we love Honeywell evohome

Honeywell evohome Installers

A few years ago you wouldn’t have been able to walk onto a tube platform without seeing an advert for Hive or Nest heating systems. The adverts were eye-catching and they were the UK’s first big step into the extraordinary world of the ‘Internet of Things’. Smart systems have come on a long, long way since then and the capabilities of smart heating systems have improved exponentially. Having fit every brand on offer for our clients we’ve come to the decision that Honeywell evohome is currently the market leader and as a result have actually stopped fitting alternatives.

This has been a big gamble, but you know what? It has really worked for us because it’s meant that having focused on Honeywell evohome for the last three years we have become experts in all aspects of the system. We still love the system. And so far we haven’t found any other brand that comes close to it.

So what is it we love about Honeywell evohome?

  1. Unrivalled control of your heating - most smart heating systems have one controller that is usually placed in the hallway. It measures the temperature of the house and once it has reached the desired temperature, it will maintain that temperature throughout the home. If one room is too hot or cold for you, you have to manually adjust the temperature at the radiator valve. However, with Honeywell evohome, you have ‘smart thermostatic radiator valves’ on every radiator or towel rail and you have individual control of each of these valves. So what does this actually mean? Well you can set every radiator to a different temperature - the guest bedroom at 14 degrees whilst the more communal areas in you house can be set to 22 degrees. No more prowling from room to room twisting valves to control the temperature. It’s genius.

  2. Honeywell evohome is very energy efficient - with an evohome system you could enjoy a massive 40% reduction in energy costs. This is thanks to the individual control you have over each zone in your home so you don’t need to heat rooms that aren’t being used. The energy saving potential is important because Honeywell evohome doesn’t come cheap but it is an investment that you’ll quickly start seeing gains from.

  3. It’s flexible - Honeywell evohome not only lets you set your zones up according to your own schedule, but it’s also pretty darn clever and recognises that our lives get very busy and we’re not always going to be able to diligently stick to the schedules we’ve set. Life moves fast these days and we’re always rushing to keep up with it. But don’t panic. No problem here! With Honeywell evohome you have the ability to open up the app on your phone and manually override your set schedule wherever you are.

  4. It’s incredibly simple to use - Honeywell evohome has a ton of capabilities but it has managed to remain simple to use. Finethorp’s installers will always do a hand over with you to take you through the system but from there, you will be able to control your system from the evohome hub or the app on your phone very easily. It’s so easy that even your grandma will be able to use it.

  5. It integrates with other systems - Honeywell evohome lets you create a link with Amazon Alexa, and Honeywell home security cameras. So not only can you control your heating, but if you have a Honeywell camera security system, you can connect it to Alexa too. “Hi Alexa, the kitchen’s a bit hot. Please turn it down by 2 degrees.” Not only is this great fun (we’re dorks!) but it’s also just another added level of control that pushes Honeywell evohome to the top of its game.

In our opinion, Honeywell evohome’s are by far the best choice for those living in houses or larger flats. We’re really excited to see how they continue to develop the system and expand their offering.

We are genuinely passionate about this system, and not a single one of our hundreds of clients have been disappointed once they’ve had them installed.

If you’re looking to install a smart heating system in your home give us a call as we’d love to chat to you about your options.

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How to make sure your heating is ready for winter

How to get your heating ready for winter.jpg

We are definitely feeling the change in the weather this week. Winter coats have been hurriedly pulled out of our closets and even the office dog has been walking around in hoodies. There’s no doubt that winter is coming and we don’t know about you but at Finethorp, that means making sure our heating is ready to be switched on long term.

During the summer, most of us have our heating turned off and as with many things in this world, lack of use often leads to problems. The last thing we want is a major issue to rear it’s ugly head just as we’re wanting to dial the temperature up.

As specialist heating engineers you can call us to help with any heating issues you may have whether it be servicing a boiler or upgrading your central heating. And here are a few things we recommend you do to make sure your heating is ready for winter.

Bleed your radiators

First off you’re going to want to bleed your radiators. We know, we know, it sounds crazy but often little pockets of air can get into your central heating system and this causes your radiators to get cold patches where the air is blocking the hot water. In order to fix this you must ‘bleed’ the radiators periodically. This basically means you pull the unwanted air out of the system. To bleed the system you’re going to need what’s called a radiator key. You’ll probably find them in your local DIY store. All you have to do is place the key over the matching part on the side of the radiator. When you twist it you’ll be able to hear air being released from the system. As soon as the sound dies down twist the key back again. Repeat with each radiator. It’s that simple.

Get your boiler serviced

Everyone has heard this before but we’ll say it as many times as it takes, you must make sure you get your boiler serviced annually. It is essential to the upkeep and maintenance of the system and can help to prevent serious problems and even carbon monoxide leaks. Finethorp can service your boiler before you start using it regularly and get it working at optimum efficiency.

Insulate your pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the most common problems come winter but adding a little insulation to them should help to prevent them freezing. You’ll be able to buy some lagging material from your local DIY store which slips right over the pipes and keeps them nice and warm. No more cracked pipes come winter time!

book in a Powerflush

Over time your central heating system can become clogged with bits of debris and rust which can make your radiators inefficient. You may notice things like cold patches on your radiators or the heating taking a long time to warm up. Book in a powerflush with Finethorp and we’ll clean the whole system for you. All the rust and debris will be flushed away and you’ll be nice and cosy in your home in no time.

Install a Honeywell evohome

All of us at Finethorp are massive proponents of Honeywell evohome. We have worked with every brand of smart thermometer but none of them live up to Honeywell evohome for us. The capabilities are incredible and they give you fantastic control over the heating settings within your home. When better to consider installing one than the run up to winter time when you’ll really be putting it through it’s paces. Give us a call if you’re interested in one and we can talk to you about the system and what it can do in your home.

Follow these little steps and we promise that you’ll be toasty and warm all winter long.

Contact Finethorp for all your central heating and smart heating system needs.